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Spiritual Wellness
Retreat in Puerto Rico
Winter Transformation

Puerto Rico | December 18-22, 2019

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Grenada | February 13-17, 2020

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Awaken Your Magic
Retreat with
Valeria Ruelas

Tulum, Mexico | May 21-26, 2020

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Spiritual Wellness Retreat in Tulum – Linda A.


“What you seek is seeking you.” –Rumi

I should preface this review by saying that I was not active on social media and had never entered a sweepstakes on Instagram. As the child of refugees and a civil servant serving traditionally disempowered communities, I’ve always had a deep sense of duty towards giving. I did not know how to ask for anything yet felt an unshakeable urgency to submit my name for the giveaway. You can imagine my shock when the divine guided me to meet a new chosen family of sisters to heal, laugh, process, and ascend with through HolitiCitiLyfe.

Upon arrival in Tulum, Leslie Carrington, curator and founder of the retreat, welcomed me in to her space and immediately enveloped me with a calm vibrations of rest and safety. The other attendees started to pour in from different corners of the globe. They were beautiful and radiated a natural spiritual energy. We were able to pick each other out of the crowd in the check-in lobby and began connecting before the program even began. We shared our backstories and hopes for the week. I met my roommate who was coming in off of the high of celebrating the beginning of a new decade and brought a unique connection to the land as a Mexican-American woman.

Over the course of the next week we deeply connected with ourselves at the physical and metaphysical level through classes and communion with each other and the sacred land. Chef Akhi empowered us with knowledge about sacral chakra womb healing. As we sat in a circle I received healing energy and prayers from everyone present on my journey towards my holistic healing. I cried and released from a deeply primal part of myself. There was an immediate shift in my awareness of the divine feminine power within me.

In between sessions we had the opportunity to explore and wander around the sprawling resort. I spent hours walking the Caribbean shoreline wondering why it had been so long since I had spent time with myself but grateful for the space to now do so. One morning, HolitiCitiLyfe organized an excursion for us to visit the sacred Mayan ruins. Our guide gave us samples of indigenous coffee, lead us though the sprawling oceanside jungle terrain, and brought our attention to the important work by the local community to preserve the history. With the increase of exploitative tourism to the region, it was wonderful to be able to give our respect to the land and the people in this way.

It seemed as though the entire week was in preparation for our day with Tatiana Tarot. The group gathered in a secluded villa where we brought offerings for the altar. The offerings were deeply personal. Mine, a simple red bracelet with an evil eye amulet that had protected me and lead me to the space. Each woman picked a pile of cards from around the altar. Tatiana masterfully and compassionately guided us through different meditations that allowed us to activate our heart chakras, communicate with honorable ancestors and guides, and provided us access to our Akashic records. I received guidance on overcoming blocks I had been experiencing for years and was comforted by Tatiana’s spiritual support. We closed the day by taking our offerings to our Mother. Arm in arm, we chanted prayers and released all of our pains and yearnings in to the ocean.

I came to the retreat completely depleted, health waning, and having freshly cut the cord on a relationship that had left me operating as a shell of myself. Due to the generosity of HolitiCitiLyfe, Leslie, my teachers, my sisters, and the Divine, I feel more myself than ever before.

After returning from Tulum, a close friend of mine asked me to describe my experience with
HolitiCitiLyfe in two words. The words “transformative and transcendent” rolled off my tongue like sweet, serene silk. I will hold this experience in my heart forever and am grateful for the lifelong relationships, both with myself and the other women on the trip, that this retreat has gifted to me.

Spiritual Wellness Retreat in Grenada – C. Curry


Last March, I embarked on an adventure that would impact me greatly: a week-long spiritual wellness retreat with strangers on a foreign island. This was my first time traveling abroad for a retreat and I can truly say that the entire trip exceeded my expectations. In Grenada, I shared luxurious accommodations, positive energy and delicious plant-based meals in a gorgeous and peaceful location with a group of people who are also on a spiritual path. We all connected through a desire for to grow in holistic and spiritual wellness and those same interests keep us in touch even until today. The tarot and yoga workshops helped move me forward on my own personal quest, giving me insight and clarity on things I couldn’t understand before. And I just remember leaving the trip to come home thinking: Finally, a vacation where I actually feel relaxed, rejuvenated and equipped to ease back into the circumstances of everyday life!

Unmask Your Natural Beauty Event – Stacyann C.


Unmask your natural beauty was truly a fun and inspiring event as it bought together people of varying cultures and promoted the wellness lifestyle. The event was EVERYTHING and delivered exactly what was advertised. I was able to enjoy this event with my dearest friends and interacted with other attendees who shared the same excitement about the event. Special thanks to Leslie Carrington of HolistiCitiLyfe and her partners for their vision and invite to yet another amazing event. Kudos! 

Reset in Jamaica – Charisse W.


The retreat experience was better than what was described online. I love the balance between flexibility and structure. The daily morning yoga classes were consistent and a great way to start the day. Loved the daily lessons. I got a 100% of what I needed from the experience. It was magical!

Reset in Jamaica – Diane J.


We had a wonderful time at the retreat! I personally needed a break from all the drama going on in my life–a break-up, family and work responsibilities. This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to literally take a break to rest and recharge. The yoga and meditation in the morning was a great start to the day, followed by a super delicious and healthy breakfast, and lots of free time for the day. We had massage and scrub treatments, and this pampering definitely helped ease away lingering tensions. Did I mention the bonding? It was a great group of girls from all over and different backgrounds who happened to come together to reset and retreat together.

Reset Yoga Workshop – Merline


Great event..great class! So glad I was able to attend. Great fun & positive energy from everyone. Thanks for the invite Leslie. Can’t wait for the next event.

Reset Yoga Workshop


The class was amazing n I thank you for sharing you mission with us. This class reminds us women of color that yoga is a discipline that must include us as well. Your instructor was amazing. She catered to all levels without making us “me” feel out of place or inadequate in any way. Please continue this great work and continue to inspire all u come in contact with. You rock!

Ginger Russack


Leslie the owner of holisticitilyfe invited me to a (let’s call it a test retreat) she is planning for the future with her company. She decided to see not only what her professional opinion would be but also what a group of diverse women in culture and more importantly in experience in holistic travel, would think. I am so grateful I was one of the few friends of differing spiritual seeking. Having been to yoga retreats and wellness boot camps on the beaches and in the jungles, I am used to what to expect. I seek experience not 5 star accommodations, I seek connection and not service, I seek the absolute in extraordinary… And that is exactly what I got.

Leslie introduced me to some beautiful souls through this trip with holisticitilyfe. I decided last minute in my arrival to commit to dr. Greg d’amatos very thorough 5 day detox consisting of 2 days of raw food meals (yum) and 3 day juice cleanse while remaining sufficiently active i.e. Surfing, horse back riding, hiking In the jungle. This was an awakening all by itself because the relation of our zest for life, self love and soul contribution to the world is directly related to what we are eating. So crazy amazing and empowering!

The place in which we stayed was a magical spot. Clean and perfectly suited to my level of luxury. Water usage was off in the day most of the time and the cleaning service was sort of invisible ( there were even a couple of times where I had to get my own toilet paper from the reservation area). The lights are barely light enough to see let alone yourself and your full body.

All that being said- I don’t really care. I am so in love with the beautiful and delicious vegan food I had before and after my detox program thanks to the incredible culinary talents of Giovanni Moutland. Mouth watering breakfast of quinoa coconut with fresh papaya and pineapple and the most fantastic coconut curry with vegetables ever. To be fair, his coconut curry was made by opening up actual coconuts and not a can haha. I also love the warmth and knowledge of a very special masseur by the name of Fabrice. He is such an evolved man whose touch is completely healing because everything he does he does with love. This can also be said about the lovely Hillary Damato wife of dr. Greg Damato, who creates the most beautiful raw and vegan dishes from feeling the food and what is needed on the body. She is an artist in a very earthy goddess way.

There are beautiful souls all around and the reception is headed by the real Holly who is a powerhouse youthful beauty. She does everything here in the overseeing of the grounds and concierge when the owners are seeing to their other exotic locales to chilling with guests on the beach in her time off.

If this experience is what HolistiCitiLyfe has to offer and introduce into my life- sign me up every time. Although, HolistiCitiLyfe will not be returning to Tierra de Suenos due to the above mentioned issues;  the time taken to explore and experience before planning getaway retreats for her clients shows love. HolistiCitiLyfe curates Wellness Retreats with the highest of vibrations on people surrounding you, are transformative. You are new, you are refreshed, you are loved.

Gracias mi amiga y pura vida.

Lisa West Durham


Thank you Leslie for inviting me on your trip to Costa Rica. It was was a truly memorable experience. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is a hidden treasure. The beaches were beautiful, the jungle setting made me appreciate nature in all its glory.

The group of women you invited instantly melded. I felt welcomed and comfortable sharing the casita with them.

Leslie, thanks again for coordinating a trip that included both relaxation and fun adventures. I spent my days horseback riding, cycling, surfing and hiking. I also enjoyed daily yoga, Infrared Sauna sessions, beach outings and spa treatments you organized.

The food served at the retreat center was both healthy and delicious. I fell in love with Costa Rica and wanted to extend my stay. I returned from my trip feeling relaxed, energized and rejuvenated. I would definitely go on another HolistiCitiLyfe wellness getaway. Thanks again Leslie!!


Patricia B., Canal Street, NY

★★★★★ 7/13/2015

I was fortunate enough to attend an event hosted by Leslie Carrington and HolistiCitiLyfe, Inc. at Tournesol Wellness. She generously invited me to join Steve Ramael’s Rose Meditation. I have known I need to meditate regularly for years, and I do it in spurts. Something different happened though with Steve’s course. I felt very protected, more focused and grounded. At the same time, my intuition opened up – the meditation that he taught gave me a hint of how much further I could trust my senses, my images. I loved the way Stephen encouraged us all to be aware of how we processed and not to be concerned if we didn’t “see” what he described in his guided meditation, that whatever we sensed was valid and that people are not always visual,etc., etc. Bottom line: I know I will use this meditation and the experience was extraordinary. I am joining HolisticitiLyfe’s mailing list – I am very excited to explore what else Leslie offers.

Bent M., New York, NY

★★★★ 12/31/2014

This was a very interesting experience for me. A lot of things have changed since I joined HolistiCitiLyfe. I feel more comfortable and my life has a different meaning now. I always wanted to experience a different look or a phase of my life. Thanks for helping me out.

Jon M., New York, NY

★★★★ 11/3/2014

Leslie’s coaching was a huge help. The variety of her methods and suggestions gave me a new look on life. She introduced me to a yoga instructor who connected me to the benefits of meditation. Really helped soothe my mind, and my perspective to the source of my anxiety. She and her company helped me fulfill my potential; refocused my goals in life; making them more tangible and achievable; finding more balance by incorporating fitness, healthy eating habits, yoga and meditation, exercise in my daily routine — especially making time for all.

 A huge life changer. I owe her a lot.

John H., New York, NY

★★★★★ 10/28/2014

This year I made a decision to change careers after 17 years in my previous position. Leslie Carrington has been an angel sent from the universe. The level of professionalism Leslie uses as she guides you closer to a better you is incredible. She is extremely patient and intuitive while being aware to encourage my own process. Not only did Leslie work with me on changing my career path. Her company staffs a nutritionist and a personal trainer with whom I been working with to improve my diet and physical health. Both have been excellent in their field of expertise. Overall I couldn’t recommend the team at HolistiCitiLyfe enough.

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