Hollis Gray
The Holistree Collective

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Through a series of thoughtful questions, we wanted to get a closer look into Holis’ influence in the world of wellness. Holis also curates events for women. Continue reading to discover where she started, challenges she’s faced, and what inspires her. Often times we don’t’ get to see the story behind the face of those within the wellness industry. So let’s start right at the beginning!

Please tell me about yourself and your business…
I have been curating events for the past ten years but those events weren’t necessarily healing/spiritual/energy focused. Going through my own personal healing journey resulted in me offering my space in Puerto Rico to friends first. My lightbulb moment actually came during breakfast with my very first visitor on the island, a friend had come to just “get away”. She said to me “Hollis, you’re so good at this you should offer your service to others not just family and friends.” And then literally I received an email the next day from someone asking if I offered personal healing retreats.

If you had one piece of advice that you could give to an individual looking to transform their life to a lifestyle of wellness, what would it be?
Take the time. So often we have the thought of doing something, taking care, but we don’t actually take the step for whatever reason. All it really requires is just action. So just do it. Start small with taking 5 minutes a day. There’s something about setting the intention and actually taking that time that sends a message to the Universe that you really are serious about transforming your life. When you do that the Universe responds in the most beautiful way. You don’t need to know all the logistics at the time, you just have to set the intention.

Where do you pull inspiration from in order to provide others the motivation that they need to make lasting lifestyle changes?
My inspiration comes from my tribe. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some really amazing beings. Some more radical in their approach than others, but they create this balance for me. To be surrounded by that is inspiration for me and proof that living your best life in an unapologetic way is real. I want everyone to be living their best life, I know it’s possible and so that alone is motivation.

How has your ethnicity and sexual identity impacted your work? Provide insight on any challenges that you may have faced in your industry.
Being Queer AND Black AND a Woman all impact my work separately and collectively. Each identifier offers it’s own experience and how I see the world (and people). Honestly, I’ve been fortunate to not face many challenges based on these things but I think that is because I stand firm in just being me and loving all of me and that energy proves infectious in spaces. My work resonates with so many others because I take that stand on just being unapologetic about who I am. And REAL. Transparent. Because I do that my ethnicity and sexual identity has never been a factor.

How do you implement wellness into your personal life on a daily basis when you are not providing support to others?
I make sure to take one FULL day to myself and it’s usually a day in the week. I disconnect completely and I commit to that.

What is one alternative remedy that you cannot live without?
My alternative remedy is Reiki. I practice every single day. For me it works in the way of just keeping me calm and open.

What have you learned from mistakes made when first starting your wellness business?
I’ve learned mostly to stay true to my vision and have faith that things will always come together exactly as they should. I’ve learned to be even more patient. I’ve learned that my wellness practice for myself may be a bit much for someone else but just offering them the space to consider possibility is more than enough.

What ​is one ​life memory​​ you recall most​ that has affected your career path​?
Moving to Puerto Rico. That was a complete blind faith move. Anytime I am hesitant about growing my business or offering an “out the box” experience I remind myself that I’ve made some really big blind faith moves in my life and so anything I do from here on really is a piece of cake!

What was the most difficult decision you’ve had to make with regard to wellness?
Leaving everything my family my friends, my successful business, my comfort for two years. I moved from the DMV to Puerto Rico back in 2015 and completely disconnected. That was a really difficult decision at the time because I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. But now looking back it was the best decision I could have ever made.

How do you navigate the Guru syndrome to empower clients to see that they are the masters of their destiny and to not look to you for ALL the answers?
I have adopted the belief that as a Healer I don’t actually HEAL anything. I am a supporter, I am a conduit but ultimately it is up to the individual to figure it out. I’m really okay with saying “I don’t know”. It also helps that I have an awesome accountability team that reminds me frequently that its not our job to give ALL the answers. Living a full happy healthy life has no cookie-cut formula everyone is different and so knowing that and really understanding what that means helps.