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In addition to our featured retreats, our travel specialists can create a custom vacation for you whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, a spiritual journey, fit-cations, spa destinations and more.

Payment plans are available on most trips. Please note that deposits (first installments) are non-refundable, including the deposit portion of full payments. There will be no refunds for cancellations made within 60 days of retreat date.

Spiritual Wellness Retreat in Puerto Rico

Winter Solstice Transformation

Trip Features

December 18-22, 2019 | 5 days, 4 nights, all inclusive accommodations

Align with your divine purpose through practical spiritual practices lead by Retreat facilitators, Tatianna Tarot and Houiea Love. Our commitment to curating safe spaces for spiritual development has produced a proven track record of life-changing results that really last. 

Join our team in beautiful Puerto Rico for the Winter Solstice. We will provide you time and experiences to connect with the stillness within you, just when the earth itself pauses to turn in a new direction. As we celebrate the returning of the light and longer days of sun, we can reflect on the year just passed and what the light of the new year might hold.

Sign up for this unique journey and treat yourself with a well-deserved self-healing adventure through meditation, affirmative prayer, tarot divination, the exploration of the Akashic Records, as well as holistic practices for total spirit/body/mind’s ecology in harmony with mother nature.

EARLY BIRD RETREAT PRICING: $2,300 per person USD for Double Occupancy, $2,650 per person for Single Occupancy all-inclusive package before May 15, 2019. Double Occupancy bedroom regularly $ 2,500 per person USD, Single Occupancy $2,800 Ocean View all-inclusive package.

Deposit: $350.00 USD per person to reserve your accommodation.
Please note that deposits (first installments) are non-refundable.


Facilitators: Tatianna Tarot, Houiea Love

Our Spiritual Wellness series with Tatianna Tarot (left) and Houiea Love is heading to beautiful Puerto Rico.

Reservations and Payment Options

Spiritual Wellness, Puerto Rico – Winter Solstice Transformation

Facilitators: Tatianna Morales, Houiea Love

Dates: December 18- 22, 2019

Only $2,500 USD per person (double occupancy), All inclusive Accommodations.
Single Occupancy at  $2,800 per person
(Save up to $200 if reserved before 5/15/2019)

Airfare not included. Reserve now!

Reserve online using the payment options above.
For more information contact us, or call us at (888) 507-1071

Sacred Sexuality Retreat

Beachside Villa, Grenada

Trip Features

February 13-17, 2020 | 5 days, 4 nights, all inclusive accommodations

In this retreat we create a safe environment for our guests to feel supported in healing false beliefs and trauma around sexuality, discovering a natural and spontaneous sensual expression.

Our facilitator, Ev’Yan Whitney will guide us through self-exploration, which will take us through various phases of development, such as self-love, same sex bonding, freeing preconceived ideas of the male and female sexual relationships. Come and discover the wonders of intimacy, and embracing sexuality as a sacred doorway to awakening your sensual self.

Baldeep Poonji will lead us in an energetic flow each morning to help us reachin new depths of awareness. Surrounded by a mesmerizing tropical environment and feeling our body on a deeper level, we start to feel truly at home with our sensual selves.

You will leave this retreat feeling more confident, understanding and recognizing yourself as a sensual being. In addition, you will be more willing to drop into your feminine energy, which is the place which we generate new ideas & inspiration, find softness in, tap into our intuition, thrive in our creativity, and discover deep letting go.


Thursday, February, 13th

Private Shuttle from Airport to Villa


Welcome Dinner

Intention Setting Ceremony

Friday, February 14th
Sunrise Yoga

Sensual Nature Workshop and Selfies
Reflective Journaling

Free Time


Saturday, February 15th

Sunrise Yoga

Silent Meditation on the Beach

Sacred Sexuality Workshop and Activities 


Candlelit Spiritual Conversation

Sunday, February 16th
Sunrise Yoga


Silent Meditation on the Beach

Hike to Golden Falls


Closing Bonfire Ceremony

Monday, February 17th
Sunrise Yoga


Private Shuttle Departure to Airport


EARLY BIRD RETREAT PRICING: $1,500 per person USD for Double Occupancy, all-inclusive package before September 1, 2019. Regularly $ 2,000 per person USD.

Deposit: $350.00 USD per person to reserve your accommodation.
Please note that deposits (first installments) are non-refundable.


Facilitators: Ev'Yan Whitney, Baldeep Poonji

Ev’Yan Whitney (left), Baldeep Poonji

Reservations and Payment Options

Sacred Sexuality Retreat – Grenada

Facilitators: Ev’Yan Whitney, Baldeep Poonji

Dates: February 13-17, 2020

Only $2,000 USD per person (double occupancy), All inclusive Accommodations.
(Save $500 if reserved before 9/1/2019)

Airfare not included. Reserve now!

Reserve online using the payment options above.
For more information contact us, or call us at (888) 507-1071

Awaken Your Magic Retreat with Valeria Ruelas

Beachside Villa, Tulum, Mexico

Trip Features

May 21-26, 2020 | all inclusive accommodations

“TU” is a root word that means “YOU” in Spanish, Join Valeria Ruelas “The Mexican Witch” on the Awaken Your Magic retreat in her native country of México for 5 days of RELAXING and FUN healing work all designed to help you develop INCREASED CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, and guaranteed to change your vibration and help you  develop a solid connection to your spirit guides.

Valeria is a professional witch and spiritual guide, an expert in tarot and astrology, and the healing practices of her ancient ancestors. Mexican culture has always maintained it’s rooted in healing and magical practices and by simply being in this land, you can connect to the sacred! On this retreat, you will work with REAL Mexican magic and healing techniques to help you heal trauma, remove blockages and connect to your “TU”, your TRUE HIGHER SELF.

Our 5-day Spiritual Retreat includes ONE free spiritual guidance session with The Mexican Witch to start your journey, as well as participation in sacred ceremonies, reflective circles, art therapy, and spiritual support.

Valeria’s healing philosophy is rooted in the fact that art, freedom of self, and connection and worship of the divine can help you live a better life.

All attendees will get a free spiritual reading from The Mexican Witch and enjoy five days of special activities guaranteed to change your connection to your spirit.

The Mexican Witch is no stranger to having fun, so this retreat encourages you to be as free-spirited as possible. Mindful Drinking, dancing, and laughing is encouraged and this trip should feel like the perfect SPIRITUAL VACATION. Some turn up, and definitely lots of lounging.

All-Inclusive Wellness Package $1,500:
Private Chef
*Airfare not included

$1,500 per person USD for Double Occupancy, all-inclusive package.

Non-refundable deposit: $400.00 USD per person to reserve your accommodation.

Facilitator: Valeria Ruelas

Valeria Ruelas is a professional witch and spiritual guide, an expert in tarot and astrology, and the healing practices of her ancient ancestors. Valeria is returning to her native Mexico in May 2020 for our Awaken Your Magic Retreat, Tulum.

Reservations and Payment Options

Awaken Your Magic Retreat with Valeria Ruelas

at Beachside Villa, Tulum, Mexico

Dates: May 21-26, 2020

Only $1,500 USD per person (double occupancy), All inclusive Accommodations.

Airfare not included. Reserve now!

Reserve online using the payment options above.
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So Many Ways to Relax!

We can create the perfect wellness vacation for you.

Adventure Travel
Our Adventure trips are for the thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie in you!
If you enjoy biking, hiking, skydiving, and kayaking, HolistiCitiLyfe Travel will help you kick it up a notch! Some examples of the types of heart-racing excursions that leave you screaming for more:

  • Bike the Inca Trail in Peru
  • Zipline through a lush Costa Rican forest
  • Hiking to the Napo river, walk across a suspension bridge and zipline across the Amazon in Ecuador
  • White water rafting in the Grand Canyon, and more!
Are you looking to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and maybe lose some weight in the process? Do you need help maintaining your fitness practices and regimen while on vacation? Would you prefer vacationing at resorts equipped to support your fitness and nutrition needs? Our specialists prioritize connecting you with resorts and hotels that provide:

  • State of the art fitness facilities with racquetball, Wallyball, and squash courts, indoor cycling gyms, locker room with whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms
  • Well-being activities such as hydro classes, Zumba, Pilates, tours, and hikes
  • Medical assessments for customizing weight loss—experts who will measure BMI, design personalized weight loss goals and exercise regimens, and educate you about weight literacy
  • In-house nutritionists and chefs who help offer a broad range of whole, nutritious and minimally processed menus and meals.

In addition to helping you make the most of your Fit-cation, HolistiCitiLyfe Travel has a team of professional yoga and Pilates instructors and trainers who, if you elect, can personally accompany you on vacations and getaways.

Yoga Retreats
For the yoga enthusiast or someone wanting to try yoga while vacationing, a HolistiCitiLyfe Travel specialist will book a trip at beautiful eco-friendly resort located in the lush mountains with views of the waterfalls of Dominica, clean private beaches of southern Thailand, or the deserts of Arizona, to name a few. From beginners to advance students of yoga, you will start each day with an invigorating yoga specialty session—Vinyasa, Bikram, Iyengar, and others; and enjoy workshops throughout your stay focused on breathing, meditation and relaxation. We will have several Yoga Retreats scheduled throughout the year. See detailed information elsewhere on this page.
Luxury Villa Rentals
Book your Luxury Villa with Holisticitilyfe. Let us plan and orchestrate the Wellness Vacation of your dreams. We can provide a team of Wellness Specialists to cater to your mind, body, and spiritual rejuvenation during your trip. Book online now!
Spa Destinations
Let us book the spa experience of your dreams! We will connect you with an all-inclusive “immersion” experience that will allow you to sample as much or as little of the spa experience as you want. Spa services at resorts we work with include:

  • The full spectrum of standard massages and body treatments (traditional and modern Asian therapies, Swedish, hot stone, body scrubs and facials)
  • Salons featuring experienced hair stylist, and specialty manicures and pedicures.
Spiritual Retreats
Are you looking to connect with yourself in a deeper way? HolistiCitiLyfe Travel will plan a spiritual retreat that will provide the attention and environment needed to bring about spiritual breakthroughs and healing. We cater to a full spectrum of religious identities and spiritual practices and our specialists will customize and book retreats that incorporate:

Various modalities of body work such as, massages, crystal and stone healing, acupuncture, and reiki
  • Opportunities to nurture the soul through the fine and performing arts—drawing and painting, dance and movement, and music
  • Traditions from the Far East including T’ai Chi, Japanese Sadhana, Aikido and others
  • Life-coaching sessions on topics like Stress Management, Managing Anger, Cooking for Peace, Affirmation, Female Empowerment and Self-love.

HolistiCitiLyfe will help you plan a luxury, once in a lifetime vacation, to the Holy Land. We work closely with resorts, tour companies, and travel agencies on the ground who help guarantee the most out of a Holy Land experience.

Jewish Pilgrimages to Israel:

HolistiCitiLyfe will design a signature vacation to the historical and holy sites in Israel and Jordan. Depending on your interests, we will design an itinerary with tours to cities and regions made memorialized by the Torah: the Judean desert, Mount Carmel, and the Jordan Valley, to name a few.

Christian Pilgrimages and Tours:

In addition to designing itineraries to Israel and Jordan, HolistiCitiLyfe offers churches and ministries across denominations the option of creating vacations itineraries with tours in popular cities and ruins in the Mediterranean where the early Christian church was established, and various New Testament cities like Rome, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, Ephesus, and Corinth. Whether your desire is to visit the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC or the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in Quebec Canada, we also offer to assist you with planning day trips and weekend pilgrimages to shrines, cathedrals, and basilicas locally.

Buddhist Pilgrimage:

For practitioners of Buddhism trips to Lembini, Nepal to the birthplace of Buddah; and other important sites like Bohd Gaya and Kusinara in India are available. Our specialists will connect you with resorts and hotels that cater to both community/group activities and individual escapes.

Wellness Travel FAQ
Q. How do your services differ from that of any other travel agency?  I can easily Google and research vacation packages, wellness tours, etc., why should I pay for your services? A. Yes, in this time of technology you can google and book a trip with one of several online travel brands. However, they do not take your individual needs into consideration when planning your trip, they do not research and make it a priority to align you with the hotel, resort, retreat based on specific criteria provided. In addition, they are not available to assist you before and during your trip. Q. I am trying to jumpstart my holistic health and wellness journey and I want to book an Adventure trip or Fit-Cation. Do you offer services that can meet the needs of someone who does not really have an active lifestyle but wants to start? A. HolistiCitiLyfe has Certified Holistic Life Coaches and Wellness experts available to provide assistance to help create the perfect vacation for your fitness, health, and spiritual needs. HolisitiCitiLyfe also offers personal Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Trainers to accompany individual and groups on their trips (additional fees apply) Q. How will you determine the needs of clients? Is there an intake form that perspective/interested clients can fill out to help you gauge travel needs? Do I have to pay a preliminary fee for consulting services? A. Please complete and send in the form at the bottom of this page and a Travel Specialist will contact you to discuss and plan your next trip. Q. I am a Christian/Muslim/Jew and I would love to go on a Spiritual Retreat. Only, I do not fully understand yoga, meditation, crystal and stone healing practices. Would HolistiCityLyfe be able to help me book a Spiritual Retreat that would be more tailored to my values and religious practices? A. HolistiCitiLyfe Travel Specialists are here to provide you with your best experience. Whether it’s a trip to the Holy Land, Rome, Mecca, Brazil – wherever your religious beliefs, practices, curiosity takes you. Q. Do you only offer fixed vacation packages? Will there be recurring monthly or yearly trips available? A. HolistiCitiLyfe offers regular specials/deals provided by various hotels and resorts. In addition, HolistiCitiLyfe provides ongoing wellness events and retreats locally as well as abroad. Join our contact list and you will be sent updates on our upcoming promotions. Have more questions? Please contact us or call us at 888-507-1071
Call us at (888) 507-1071 or contact us to plan your wellness vacation.

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