Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, and located in the heart of Brooklyn, El Noel Wellness Center and Spa presents an environment that speaks to their rich legacy and that promotes healing and well-being through their Wellness modalities and services.

El Noel Wellness partnered with Holistic City Life to give birth to El Noel Wellness in Carriacou Grenada; a beautifully curated beachside retreat space managed. The intention is to bring together groups of remarkable practitioners with many years of experience who are committed to improving the lives of those they touch. El Noel Integrative Wellness Center and Spa provides integrative and alternative wellness services that embodies evidence-based medical/wellness approaches to preventative health. Their practitioners invited offer therapies such as massage and the ancient healing arts of acupuncture, acupressure, herbalism, as well as aesthetics and healthy skin care, body scrubs, hydrotherapy, spa packages and Pilates.

Through Holistic City Life’s carefully curated retreat experiences at El Noel Wellness, Carriacou, the partners provide a space that both women and men can use to momentarily escape from daily stressors, immerse in nature, andtransform their lives.

A bit of history on this magical space… The Noel family has a rich history dating back to the 1800’s. Their paternal grandfather, Albert Edward Noel, was known to his children and grandchildren as Da Da and to others as Da Arden. Around the turn of the 20th century he bought land in Petite Bain (French for little bath – patois Petit Bin). Petite Bain is known for its many water springs; hence the Petit Bin Well adjacent to El Noel, which was built to provide water to Carriacou and other neighboring islands.

In 2008 El Noel at Petit Bain, our family home was completed and dedicated to the ancestors. One of the many suites in the house is dedicated to the matriarchs of the family and features a 4-poster mahogany bed which was built circa 1915-1920 by one of the local crafts/furniture maker for our maternal grandmother at the time of her marriage.

El Noel at Petit Bain is an extension of the vision that began in Brooklyn, New York when we opened El Noel Eco Center for Integrative Wellness. It reflects Caribbean-American and African roots and our belief that conventional health modalities combined with preventative health care found in complementing integrative therapies, leads to healthier lifestyles and improved disease outcomes. The family strives to always maintained close ties to their homeland and in addition to regularly supporting relatives through remittances, they wanted to revive their traditions of herbal practice, permaculture and sustainable "garden to table" eating. Their grandparents had a number of gardens and with the help of other villagers grew produce for their consumption and sale.

The family has strong ties to the health and business fields: Ruthven Noel, MD, Internal Medicine/Pulmonology; Yvonne Noel, MD OB/Gyn; Monica Noel, MS in Economics, Associate Degree in Occupational Studies with a focus in Massage Therapy. Prior to opening El Noel, Dr. and Ms. Noel received aesthetics training at the premier Atelier School of Aesthetics, which was of vital importance in experiencing first hand and understanding the wellness industry.

Dr.Yvonne Noel is also an environmental advocate and educator and has received a Master of Arts from New York University in environmental conservation education. The family has shown their advocacy in many ways. However, in 2017, El Noel sponsored a beach clean-up project and provided stipends to the local primary school students to clean seaweed and debris from the beach front adjacent to their school. They received national recognition for this initiative. Sustainability and conversation will be at the forefront of the retreats held at the villa

El Noel Wellness, Carriacou plans to engage in Environmental Eco-Wellness retreats where guests will explore some of the vitally important ecosystems on the island including coral reefs, mangrove forests and wetlands, engaging in snorkeling, diving, boating, fishing and hiking. Retreat-goers will learn about the impacts of climate change on small islands and will also take part in a one-day environmental project with local primary school students and educators.

During upcoming retreats, retreat-goers are invited to gather to stargaze, sleep, meditate, dream, rest, read, share stories, have therapeutic sea baths, take walks along the beach, eat nutritious meals.

Visit their website for all things wellness, to see what’s on the Wellness Cafe’s menu and to learn more about this wellness brand.