I’m a Latina – half Guatemalan and Salvadoran, Native to Los Angeles, California. A Spanish interpreter and translator by day and wellness advocate/ blogger by night. My wellness journey began in 2015 when I underwent laparoscopic surgery resulting in the removal of one ovary due to a grapefruit sized cyst. Since then I have committed myself to making conscious strides in all aspects of life. My purpose is to empower the Latino community through an intentionally conscious lifestyle via green beauty, social justice, ancestral healing, environmentalism as wellness.

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I came across Cindy’s IG one day and felt an instant connection. I admired her work in sustainability and wellness. Afterall, they go hand-in-hand. Continue reading to discover where she started, challenges she’s faced, and what inspires her. Often times we don’t’ get to see the story behind the face of individuals we follow on social media. So let’s start right at the beginning!

Please tell me about yourself and your business…
I am a wellness advocate empowering the Latino community through an intentionally conscious lifestyle. I host and manage a Blog covering all wellness topics from green beauty, ancestral healing, non-toxic alternatives, and cultural understanding.

When asked, What was the light bulb moment that allowed her to see the monetary value in her calling, Cindy responded,
“I Identified a need to be in the green space.”

Who doesn’t wish they had a mentor providing them a step-by-step map and motivation to life and transformation?  If Cindy had one piece of advice to give, it would be to,
“Learn what works for your budget, lifestyle circumstances, and have realistic expectations without comparisons.”

Where does Cindy  find inspiration?
My growth mindset and my studies.

The face of wellness is changing, diversity and inclusion are becoming a mainstay, yet it doesn’t come without challenge. When asked, how has her ethnicity impact her work, Cindy responded,
“Being a Latina in the wellness space is not very common and not many companies can relate to my vision to open the space for the Latino community.”

How do you implement wellness into your personal life on a daily basis when not providing support to others?
“I smudge/cleanse my living space every other day if not every morning or evening, and I make sure to tune into my ancestors as spiritual guides for understanding.”

What is one alternative remedy that you cannot live without?
“Self myofascial release at home. I had back surgery and if I don’t make sure to move and release tension, it contributes to pains and aches. It’s a preventative method and helps tremendously.”

What have you learned from mistakes made when first starting your wellness business?
“I’ve learned that money isn’t everything. Influencing and inspiring one person at a time has inspired me and there are no words that can describe how life fulfilling that is. Sharing my experiences has resonated with so many.”

What ​is one ​life memory​​ you recall most​ that has affected your career path​?
“In April 2015, I underwent a laparoscopic surgery due to a grapefruit sized cyst. That resulted in the removal of my ovary.”

What has been the most difficult decision you’ve had to make with regard to wellness?
“Being a formal athletic and active person and after back surgery in October 2016, I had to learn my limits and a new way of thinking and refining what movement and activity meant for me.”

How do you navigate the Guru syndrome to empower clients to see that they are the masters of their destiny and to not look to you for ALL the answers?
“I talk to my clients as though we’re friends. I am always going to be a growth in progress and evolving, so I share that with them.”