I’m a non-toxic beauty and wellness advocate and blogger. I take a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the health of the whole person. On my blog you can find information and inspiration centered around health, non-toxic beauty & personal care products, and self-care.

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The spiritual journey meaning many things to different people. Find out how a Christian navigates a community that can be a bit woo woo in order to stay true to her beliefs. Let’s start from the beginning…

Please tell me about yourself and your business…

“I’m a non-toxic beauty and wellness advocate and blogger. I take a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the health of the whole person. On my blog you can find information and inspiration centered around health, non-toxic beauty and personal care products, and self-care.”

When asked, What was the light bulb moment that allowed her to see the monetary value in her calling, Carron responded:

“I started out of a passion for sharing tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle because it’s made such an impact on my life and I wanted to make a difference. Once my following grew people wanted to know what products I was using on my health journey. From that I learned that I could not only share my advice but also earn income in the process.”

Who doesn’t wish they had a mentor providing them a step-by-step map and motivation to life and transformation? If Carron had one piece of advice to give, it would be to:

“Start off slow. Not everyone’s wellness journey is the same. Allow yourself to be open to learning different aspects of wellness in order to determine what will work best for you. The goal is a continual process of removing toxins from your life and opening yourself up to receive amazing life changes. Personal wellness is ever evolving as you continue to grow and learn for yourself.”

Where does Carron find inspiration?

“I’m a Christian and as a believer in Jesus Christ He serves as my main source of inspiration. I pray and meditate on the word of God daily. It’s through my prayer time that I receive what it is I am to share with others that will motivate them. A lot of my inspirational posts on Instagram has come from things The Lord placed on my heart to share and it’s been such a blessing to so many people. I also get inspiration from my personal wellness journey. Since wellness evolves I share my own experiences as I’m learning them. Being transparent about my own challenges and development in turn motivates other people. I’m not a perfect person trying to show others the way. I’m a woman on a personal mission striving toward greatness and inviting others to join along the way. I’m privileged to be in a position to share my testimony and personal wellness journey in the hope of inspiring others.”

The face of wellness is changing, diversity and inclusion are becoming a mainstay, yet it doesn’t come without challenge. When asked, how has her ethnicity impact her work, Carron responded:

“I’m one of few black women in the wellness and non-toxic beauty space. I find it both humbling and challenging. Humbling in that I see us as pioneers in the movement for bringing more women of color into this space. Many times I’ve had women comment on my posts or videos saying thank you because they were looking for black representation in this community. That serves as motivation for me to keep going. However it is also challenging because everyone is not as open minded. Since I also occupy the green and natural beauty space there is so much work to be done in terms of diversity. Many green beauty brands do not cater to women of color or women with deeper and darker skin tones such as myself. When asked why this is an issue many brand owners don’t think there is a market for black women in natural cosmetics. It’s a balance of educating so that more women of color understand why they need to make the switch to clean personal care products and also being a brown face in this industry to show these brand owners that we are here and we’re not going away. We have a voice in the clean beauty and wellness space. Health and wellness has no color.”

How do you implement wellness into your personal life on a daily basis when not providing support to others?

“What I’ve learned is the importance of sitting still. One of the ways I implement wellness into my daily life is remembering to rest. As a blogger and business women juggling many hats I can easily get overwhelmed. If I don’t take time for myself to rest and let my mind relax, I find that I’m not useful to myself or anyone else. Quiet moments are crucial for rejuvenation.”

What is one alternative remedy that you cannot live without?

“Prayer and meditation.”

What have you learned from mistakes made when first starting your wellness business?

“Looking to others for advice or inspiration was a mistake. Sometimes when we look at other people we subconsciously try to mimic them and how they working their business. When I stopped looking at what others were doing and focused on what God called me to do, my whole life and business changed. Remaining unique to who I am allowed me to find my authentic voice. You can never go wrong just being yourself. My audience will find me because there isn’t another me.”

What ​is one ​life memory​​ you recall most​ that has affected your career path​?

“One of the main reasons that got me on this wellness career path was the health and mental state of my family and people that I loved. I’ve witnessed first hand how poor life choices can seriously harm someone’s health. I’ve watched people I care about make bad diet and lifestyle choices and ended up with diseases many of which could have been healed or managed with the right alternative treatments. I think one of the most difficult things is to literally watch someone kill themselves emotionally, physically or spiritually. This motivated me to spread hope and inspiration that there is a better way.”

How do you navigate your Christian beliefs in a community so heavily stepped in the Spiritual and Metaphysical?

“I navigate through the metaphysical wellness space by holding on to my beliefs and not engaging in things that don’t align with the Word of God. As I stated before wellness is a personal journey. Some believe in the universe and crystals, etc. Do I believe in the universe? No, I believe in God who created the universe. So you won’t see me posting pictures of crystals on my blog or claiming they hold some power. I will however share Christ and His healing power. While I may not agree with others aspects of spirituality I respect their right to do so and expect the same in return. I don’t feel the need to hide my beliefs for fear of offending people. You don’t see many Christians open and unapologetic in this space. I’m humbled to lend a different voice and perspective to this community.

In terms of the Christian community I think there is some hesitation when it comes to wellness. Because some don’t understand that there are many ways to practice wellness that don’t compromise your relationship with Christ. You can practice wellness methods using Godly wisdom. If you are a believer then you are guided by the Holy Spirit. If He is telling you not to do something then obviously don’t engage. I think some Christians get nervous when they hear things like meditation or breathwork. Not all of them are the same. I meditate without chanting or calling upon false gods. From a biblical standpoint the bible says we are to meditate on his word day and night (Psalm 1:2). So as a believer I will meditate as in taking time out to relax my mind and my thoughts, focus on the things of God, maybe meditate on a scripture or verse. Listening to peaceful music, going for walks in nature, taking deep breaths and allowing your body to relax are just some ways to practice wellness in your daily life without compromising your beliefs. Self-care isn’t a religious practice it’s taking time to ensure your overall well being is okay. You can invite God into your self-care practice by listening to worship music, writing in your prayer journal, or simply talking to God. The beautiful thing about wellness is that you cater it to your needs and personal values.”

How do you navigate the Guru syndrome to empower clients to see that they are the masters of their destiny and to not look to you for ALL the answers?

“Wellness is a personal journey. You define what wellness means to you. I can serve as a source of inspiration but I don’t have all the answers, no one does. I don’t like the term guru or influencer. I prefer encourage-r. ”