Melissa McGill

I am a holistic aromatherapist with a line of products called Morphologically. Every blend I create takes the seen and unseen to heart. There is a familiarity and comfort within the synergies, wearable fragrances, candles on, all of which encompass the therapeutic to the ethereal.

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“People do it all the time and I love it. It’s how I started, one on one, I don’t ever want to lose that.”

Through a series of thoughtful questions, we wanted to get a closer look into Melissa’s journey to creating Morphologically. Continue reading to discover where she started, challenges she’s faced, and what inspires her. Often times we don’t’ get to see the story behind the brands we love to use. So let’s start right at the beginning!

Please tell me about yourself and your business…
“I pull from sacred essential oils, my calling is to introduce, or re-introduce, healing through nature that is universal and that crosses cultures. I try to leave little footprints with memorable impact through ethically sourcing and using only natural ingredients. Growing up on an organic farm and homesteading, I bring that reverence for the earth into Morphologically.”

What was the light bulb moment that allowed you to see monetary value in your calling?
Time. Both naturalism spreading more from west to east, and the planet spinning, tossing a decade plus onto my own life.

I worked for 5 years in an aromatherapy shop back in Vancouver, B.C. There was not a day that I didn’t custom blend for people. Educated as a nutritionist, furthering that with additional organic chemistry and herbalism, I thought one day I may open my own center that would incorporate all of those healing modalities.

Then in 2003, I pulled up roots, followed my heart and a writer to NYC. When that love affair ended, I was already enthralled by the city and determined to stay here. I thought I would come here and continue to practice aromatherapy, the only pure essential oil shop I walked into 13 years ago, had a 4 hour weekend shift available, not quite enough to live off of. So I dove into fashion, where my life whipped by for the first ten years. Always hustling to get promoted, I had landed in an elevated position, one where the work follows you home, and you are always on call.

I kept up with aromatherapy practice and blending for friends, and to not make my ex-wife crazy, I tried candle making at home to chill out. During a particularly stressful fashion event, where all I could do was done to alleviate the pressure, I resorted to sneaking candles into the offices of those who were up to their necks working through it.

The next day I received an email asking what I had done to everyone?  Holistic aromatherapy had given them a breather. Along with it came the phrase, these are so good, you should sell them.

Lightbulb!  This was almost 4 years ago. I wasn’t a candle maker, my mother was. However this was my way back into being an aromatherapist. I started the line then. Three Candles, two therapeutic body oils and some infused palo santo. It took off from there.

If you had one piece of advice that you could give to an individual looking to transform their life to a lifestyle of wellness, what would it be?

“Tap into that little voice speaking to you, and follow it. NEVER the big voice.” EX: Big voice – ‘I have no time to stop.’ Little voice –  ‘I would love to meditate.’

Where do you pull inspiration from in order to provide others the motivation that they need to make lasting lifestyle changes?
“My own life really. Through a series of controllable and uncontrollable circumstances, I ended up reaching a level of happiness with how I live this life I never even knew was possible. I have pushed many friends directly, and indirectly off of cliffs to take chances they may not have otherwise, baring witness to walking away from security and redefining success.”

How has your ethnicity and sexual identity impacted your work? Provide insight on any challenges that you may have faced in your industry.
“I was raised homesteading with strong hungarian influences. We embraced many earth based Magyar rituals from my mother. She’s always been a believer in the divine feminine and connection to mother earth. I grew up without any boundaries around the openness that many children are born with, to see and feel energy.

I went searching in my early twenties for some clarity on phenomenon and experiences I was starting to realize weren’t still present in many my age.

Out of comfort I sought out women seers, usually about 30+ years my senior, and in 1998 they were few and far between. There was a slight arrogance at times, a surprising closed-off vibe and not much willingness to share knowledge. Possibly, I was dismissed as having not learned certain life lessons yet. I guess I’ll never know. There was this strange hypocrisy in that healing and healers was starting to feel like an exclusive club.

That seems over time to have shifted, there is now much more community, in the unseen, wellness and ethereal world.

Oddly enough, what has impacted me more in the work that I do than anything else is that I embrace love, just as much as I do rage and action. Which is not the most commonly held belief in the healing world as elevated.

If you start squeezing those emotions into a vice of how far you will go, eliminating some entirely, I believe imbalance sets in. I bring the full range and vibrancy of human emotions to how I live. As a lesbian I will engage cultures that will imprison you or worse for being gay, I will fight against conversion therapy, and as women’s health rights are being threatened, I will send much more than love.

When you lose that rage and action against other’s injustice, ones that you may not personally have experienced. Something is missing in humanity. Something sacred in the spirit houses these emotions. To neglect them can be so fracturing and damaging. There is nothing healthy about denial or living with blinders on.”

How do you implement wellness into your personal life on a daily basis when you are not providing support to others?
“Meditation, staying in touch with the earth and the changing of the seasons, planetary events and rituals surrounding them.”

What have you learned from mistakes made when first starting your wellness business?
“Good Goddess. Be transparently you!

Do it right from the start. Let people know who you are, so you can start resonating with others. I wouldn’t say I censored myself, I just didn’t realize how relevant it was. In the beginning I gave the wellness business my resume vs me. Missing out initially on that personal connection.”

What ​is one ​life memory​​ you recall most​ that has affected your career path​?
“It was more like puzzle pieces falling together. I was a late bloomer, even though plant magick had been the love and healing soundtrack of my life for 14 years. I really didn’t realize until 36 that that’s probably what I should be doing. Melissa that thing you love, build on and don’t shake, oh yeah maybe that’s your calling.”

What was the most difficult decision you’ve had to make with regard to wellness?
“Whether to continue in the fashion industry where there was a healthy income, that allowed me to build a nest egg and simultaneously along with it, a mountain of stress. Or to leave that security, invest that nest egg into starting a business, not knowing where the next check was coming from, and roll the dice hoping that I land in a more balanced, happy existence.”

How do you navigate the Guru syndrome to empower clients to see that they are the masters of their destiny and to not look to you for ALL the answers?
“A few ways, often through language and examples.

I use remind vs. teach, when guiding meditations, or sending out rituals. I try as much as possible to remove from dogmas, the right and wrong ways to do and achieve.

I often hear,” I don’t see or feel energy, have tried meditation and can’t do it.”

Where my role seems to be is really to spelunk my way through examples, where people have already reached those sensations, done just the things they think they cannot, and push them to recognize that, trusting more in self.

Growing off of those moments, and blaze their own path.”

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