Through a series of thoughtful questions, we wanted to get a closer look into Angela’s influence in the world of wellness. Continue reading to discover where she started, challenges she’s faced, and what inspires her. Often times we don’t’ get to see the story behind the face of those within the wellness industry. So let’s start right at the beginning!

Please tell me about yourself and your business…
My name is Angela Richardson, my company, PUR Home is a natural, non-toxic household product line. We produce safe and effective Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Multi-Surface, Bathroom, and Glass & Window Cleaner. We also make Organic Castile Soap and some other skincare products. Our Mission for PUR Home is “Changing the Way You Think About Clean.” Cleaning does not have to be toxic and it is our mission to educate consumers of their non-toxic alternatives, which includes PUR Home!

When asked, What was the light bulb moment that allowed her to see the monetary value in her calling, Angela responded,
“I knew that there was a monetary value in my calling when I realized that I could not let go of my dream to have a natural household product line.”

Who doesn’t wish they had a mentor providing them a step-by-step map and motivation to life and transformation?  If Angela had one piece of advice to give, it would be to,
“Learn as much as you can. Change and transformation is a process.”

Where does Angela find inspiration?
“I have the mindset of a student, and because of this, I love to share what I’ve learned with other people. Having worked in human services for many years, my compassion to serve is ever present in dealing with people. see and feel people hurting so much so that there is something in me that just wants to listen and help in any way that I can.”

The face of wellness is changing, diversity and inclusion are becoming a mainstay, yet it comes without challenge. When asked, how has her ethnicity and sexual identity impacted her work, Angela responded,
“Being an African American woman in my industry is challenging. I go to networking events and start explaining what type of company I have and it’s always shock or an “oh, that’s nice!” Because I aspire to be on the level with some of the major brands, I have to overcome fear of entering spaces that me as a minority do not or are not welcome or just simply have not entered.  It’s so much and I truly have to continue to work harder.”

How do you implement wellness into your personal life on a daily basis when not providing support to others? Although, it can be a challenge at times, I make it a point to take time out on a regular basis. I turn the phone off. I watch a movie. I love movies of all kinds, so I turn on a movie and take my mind off business.

One alternative remedy that Angela cannot live without is herbs and we concur! Mother nature has provided us with exactly what we need to not only survive, but thrive.
“I love herbs and making herbal concoctions such as tea, decoctions, steams, salves and more.”

What have you learned from mistakes made when first starting your wellness business?
Following my intuition. There are so many people that have great suggestions. Some that I take and use and others that I leave. I’ve learned as I go along in business to trust my gut when it comes to making decisions. I’ve learned to silence myself. To know myself.

What ​is one ​life memory​​ you recall most​ that has affected your career path​?
I quit my job in 2011 after working in education for about 10 years.  I’ve always worked helping people in an office. And often managed the task of detailed oriented, high pressure and stressful situations. When I left that job, I was able to find myself and be creative. I learned how to make handcrafted soaps, which soon became my first product. In 2012, I decided I wanted to create natural products that we use everyday. I didn’t know what that meant or how I was going to accomplish that, but I knew it was something I had to do.

What has been the most difficult decision you’ve had to make with regard to wellness?
Health and Wellness is so important to me. I’ve had to set boundaries for myself. To not take every opportunity that comes my way and really weed out and select only those opportunities that are in perfect alignment with my core values. To me this is my self-care. Otherwise I would over extend myself.

How do you navigate the Guru syndrome to empower clients to see that they are the masters of their destiny and to not look to you for ALL the answers?
I haven’t had this experience, however, I constantly tell people to look into their inner guidance because only they know themselves. They have everything they need within them.

Thank you Angela for sharing with us. If any of our readers would like to connect with Angela and PUR Home visit Instagram at @shoppurhome, Facebook at and on Pinterest at Visit her website to learn more about PUR products at

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