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How to Maintain Positive Change

The New Year celebrations are long gone. How are your resolutions going?

Maintaining positive change is often the most difficult step in any change transition. Change – even positive, beneficial change – is a challenging life process, but one that we all face on a regular basis.

Change Process

Change follows a sequence of steps that shift your world from the current status quo, to a desirable future state. In general, change involves:

  • Awareness. Realization that change is necessary.
  • Planning. How to achieve the change you seek.
  • Implementation. Be the change.
  • Maintaining. Resist falling back into old habits.

Each of these steps presents new and distinct challenges. Each will look and feel a bit different for every individual and for each new change. In many cases, it is the final step, maintaining the change, that is both most challenging and most important.

Maintaining Change

First of all, congratulations for getting to this point! You’ve managed to make a positive change in your life, and that’s not easy. Now it’s time to make it stick, and ensure that your efforts continue to yield benefits as you continue forward on your life journey.

Make it fun. Reward yourself for milestone achievements. Incorporate playfulness into your change routine. Use positive language when discussing your change.

Develop the habit. As humans, we’re driven by habits. Make your change a habit by repeating the behavior as often as you can. Challenge yourself to repeat it 30, 50, 100(!) times.

Surround yourself with success. Seek others going through similar changes and work together. Look for mentors who live the change you strive to achieve.

You are the change, and the change is you. Make it part of your identify. Don’t just go for a run, be a runner.

There is no finish line. You’ve heard the adage, “life is a journey, not a destination.” It’s time to live that way. Keep striving for improvement, and above all, enjoy the journey!