Hair and Our Perception of Beauty

Sunday, June 11, 2017 | 12–5pm

Our unique experiences as Black women are tied to our hair. So how can we build high self-esteem when we are constantly told with or without words what we should look like to feel beautiful and acceptable.

Meet our Panelists

Nell Coleman, Founder of The Baldie Movement

The Baldie Movement is a non profit organization is designed to celebrate, support, and empower women to love themselves more without the need of hair through photos, story telling, campaign projects, and meet ups. The movement derived from my past struggle of self love and self acceptance that I lacked due to the bullying I encountered from my peers. While on this journey to love and accept me more, I removed my hair in January 2010, to prove to myself that I no longer needed to fit in, in order to be the beautiful person I am today.

With The Baldie Movement, my goal is to celebrate bald women, regardless of how they got there, support them in their daily struggle of depression, anxiety, issues they may be battling with due to their baldness, and empower them through involvement in make up workshops, self development workshops, meet ups, fashion shows, events, and much much more. Learn more about us at


Alicia Davis, creator of Cubicles & Curls

Cubicles & Curls is a content platform that promotes natural hair in professional workplaces. On Cubicles & Curls, Alicia features natural women at all stages of their careers, style inspiration, salon & product reviews and career advice. Recently, Alicia was also crowned Miss Black and Natural New York 2017. She uses her title to empower black women to love their curls and support programs that uplift the community.


Tamara A., owner of Ancestral Strands

With 20 + years of Braiding Experience, In 2011, I took a 5 year hiatus from braiding hair, had 2 children, and went on a spiritual journey. During that time, I became a Sacred Woman through Queen Afua’s Rights of Passage. From then, my spiritual connection became deeper! To spread this deeper connection with our roots, I have curated social hair events for Men and Women,  conducted Hair workshops in high schools for young boys and girls, and Pop Ups throughout NYC events/markets with my Braid Station. We encourage you to Love your Strands & Love your Roots! Learn more at

Ancestral Strands is a Unique Braid Shop specializing in African Tribal and Cultural braiding/hairdressing & Natural hair styling w/ a creative twist! Ancestral Strands gives you access to the cities best braiding while preserving our African and cultural heritage. I created Ancestral Strands to bring a deeper spiritual connection to Our African lineage with the roots of our hair, our ancestry DNA, while promoting holistic and traditional hair care.

Details and Reservations

Hair and Our Perception of Beauty

Date: Sunday, June 11, 2017

Time: 12–5pm

Location: Happy Lucky No.1
734 Nostrand Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Tickets: $20

For more information about our events contact us or call us at (888) 507-1071

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